[ExI] Opinions on Tesla Model 3?

Spike Jones spike at rainier66.com
Sat Apr 20 02:47:26 UTC 2019

Bill look around at the local used market, the 2 yr olds before you decide
to buy.


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I recently had the opportunity to drive a friend's Tesla Model 3 Dual Motor
Performance. It's very tempting:
1. Self driving seems to work.
2. Very smart and helpful map display and other internal
3. Expensive to buy but cheap to operate.
4. Last but surely not least: performance equal to the
    fastest motorcycle I owned in my youth. Zero to 60
    in about 3 seconds without the noise and frantic gear
    shifting. Just pressed back in the seat and you're over
    the speed limit quicker than the reaction time of your
    foot on the accelerator.

While we're waiting for significant biological enhancement, a vehicle can
feel like an extension of your body. This Tesla is a very seductive

But, is buying a Tesla a good idea? Any advice?


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