[ExI] Fermi paradox alive and well

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Tue Apr 23 16:32:14 UTC 2019

I've seen Unidentified Flying Objects, that is to say I've seen flying
objects that I couldn't identify, hell I've even seen things sitting on the
ground right next to me I could not identify. But flying saucer fans claim
UFO's do not exist because none are unidentified, they've identified them
all, they're spaceships driven by people from other planets who travel
thousands or millions of light years and then, as Douglas Adams put it they:

*"find some isolated spot and land in view of a lone observer. They then
strut around wearing antennas on their heads and making beep beep noises,
knowing full well that no one will ever believe the poor person."*

As for me I find ET's obsession with sticking things up people's asses a
little odd, and I think eyewitness testimony is the very weakest sort of

John K Clark
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