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>…You guys are just too clever…


On the contrary, I am ready to argue that as a species we are not quite clever enough.  Very close, but just not quite.  Or not yet.


>…What I want to know:  how will we know?  Where would we look for evidence?  If the answers include bosons or black holes, just forget it.  Also- lacking any evidence, someone has come up with odds.  Just how can one calculate odds without data?  Or are they just having fun?  bill w


There are tantalizing clues.  That whole quantum theory business, that bit about a particle disappears here and reappears there at the quantum level, that to me has to be evidence (or if not evidence, then indication) that at the quantum level, we are looking at some kind of digital simulation.  


If the universe is a sim at the quantum level, then perhaps it is likewise way up to the atomic scale, perhaps that too is a sim dependent on values calculated at the smaller scale, and so on up to the cellular level, to our scale, to the entire visible universe, to everything, all a big sim.  Then you and I are avatars.  Or rather, you are.  I am the only one here.  Or we are the avatars, and you are the only one.


Check this:




Damn that’s a lonely line of reasoning.





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