[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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Critical observation made on first night of return to operations <http://manoa.hawaii.edu/news/article.php?aId=10135>  


>…The Hawaiian observatory was shut down by a mob determined to keep us in ignorance by illegally stopping construction…the protestors illegally blocked the only road up 13,803 foot Mauna Kea and the police refused to protect the astronomers…


Hmmm…  Let’s have the astronomers and construction workers disguise themselves as protestors, get past em that way.



>…The mob believes an invisible man lives on top of that mountain and he doesn't like telescopes…

 John K Clark


Are we free to theorize an invisible man lives anywhere we want, then have that whole thing shut down?  Oh what a concept.


This whole notion is a large and growing problem in California.  Laws were passed that allow native Americans to block developments with unsupported claims that their ancestors once lived there.  Of course the NIMBYs and anti-development people of all kinds will use that to their advantage resulting in a persistent lack of housing, resulting in a booming homeless population.



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