[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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Sun Aug 25 13:40:06 UTC 2019

You’re not actually expressing it TOWARD them, only ABOUT them 

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>> > I think that you’re making this unnecessarily rude.
> There is a time to be polite and a time to be rude, if killing one of the most important scientific instruments in the world isn't the time to express anger toward the ignorant barbarians who wrecked it when is the time? And I'm still waiting for an answer to a question I've asked twice before: how can anyone who can see the beauty in science and the magnificence of the universe have the slightest sympathy for these sphincters?
>> > Having strong religious opinions doesn’t make someone a drooling idiot.
> They have adroitly demonstrated that it sure as hell helps!
>  John K Clark
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