[ExI] META: Extropy mailing list updates

John Klos john at ziaspace.com
Mon Aug 26 18:03:32 UTC 2019

Hello, Extropians!

This is just a quick note to let everyone know that we've made some 
changes, some of which you may've already noticed. The "From:" address is 
now always rewritten to be a @lists.extropy.org address so we can now use 
DMARC and DKIM properly. Some of the servers to which we've been 
delivering had been marking list traffic as spam, but now that is fixed.

If anyone has any questions, or any trouble either sending email to or 
getting email from our mailing lists, feel free to email me directly 
and/or email extropy-chat-owner at lists.extropy.org, and we'll look in to 

I'm looking forward to the next decade and more of these lists :)

John Klos
I don't know which scares me more - that people adhere to the idea of an
omnipotent being powerful enough to create the universe, but whose
supposedly most cherished creation is a race modeled after himself which
can't stop hurting and killing each other, or the idea that those same
people cannot or will not consider the possibility that the universe is
random and unfeeling, and it's up to us to create order and beauty out of
chaos and entropy.

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