[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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>…I currently hold the opinion that the Hawaiian natives don’t have standing for claiming the mountain is theirs. Even if it’s a part of their mythology. I wouldn’t support claiming eminent domain in the name of science to take the land if one of them owned it, but it appears to me it wasn’t “taken” from them in the name of science. It’s a National Park. National Parks are there to preserve and for the public’s interest. I see national and/or global scientific endeavors as consistent with that mission as long as the project is sensitive to the environmental impact and maintains the benefits bestowed by it being a National Park. I believe there is plenty of data collection and science at US National Parks that doesn’t disrupt the ecosystem or the value of those parks. So there is precedent for this type of usage. It’s not like the astronomers are planning to blow up or otherwise destroy or denigrate the mountain or turn it into another Disneyland  





I hadn’t realized before that it was a national park.  If natives can seize one national park, they can seize all of them.  Are we going to allow that?











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