[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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 >> If anger never has a useful purpose why do all animals have that
>> emotion, why did it evolve?
> *> This is perhaps the WORST argument I've ever heard JKC make, and really
> shows the grasping at straws.  Yes John, everything that ever evolved is
> completely useful for all those who inherited it.  Now if you'll excuse me,
> I have an appointment to get my appendix taken out.  No; it's not like you
> would ever accept an explanation.  Since the rest of the list thinks so,
> maybe we are right.  Deal with it  *

Hmm... if I didn't know better I'd say that almost sounds as if you're

*> I'd also like to see you disprove the Hawaiians' claims. ;)  And no,
> Russell's Teapot is not a good argument,*

Why not? It seems like a pretty damn good argument to me. And I still
haven't received a word of explanation why any scientifically minded person
should have the slightest respect or sympathy for ignorant barbarians who
are committing blatantly illegal acts.

John K Clark
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