[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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>  >> If anger never has a useful purpose why do all animals have that
>>> emotion, why did it evolve?
>> *> This is perhaps the WORST argument I've ever heard JKC make, and
>> really shows the grasping at straws.  Yes John, everything that ever
>> evolved is completely useful for all those who inherited it.  Now if you'll
>> excuse me, I have an appointment to get my appendix taken out.  No; it's
>> not like you would ever accept an explanation.  Since the rest of the list
>> thinks so, maybe we are right.  Deal with it  *
> Hmm... if I didn't know better I'd say that almost sounds as if you're
> *ANGRY*.

1) No, just incredulous

2) Even if I was, so what?  I'm not trying to back up the same insane
argument that you are.  I'm not claiming that evolution is some magic thing
that ensures the absolute usefulness and utter posterity of everything it
ever creates.  No evolutionary scientist would ever say that was true.
Having evolved does not mean useful forever and if you actually believe
that then you shouldn't claim to be defending science.

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