[ExI] Update on the Hawaiian observatory shutdown

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> And I still haven't received a word of explanation why any scientifically
> minded person should have the slightest respect or sympathy for ignorant
> barbarians who are committing blatantly illegal acts.

1) Not owed an explanation.  But there is something romantic about it.  The
observatory is replaceable, in the end.  The history of the space otherwise
is not.

Would you build over ancient ruins of, say, the birthplace of chemistry, or
some once glorious city, to build a hydrological research station?  What
about razing Isaac Newton's birthplace to build an art museum?

Not saying necessarily that either of those or wrong, just trying to give
you a sense of why history and sentiment matter.  Do you have any items
you've owned for a long time that you cherish?  Perhaps one that belonged
to a deceased relative.

Well, go throw all that shit away.  It's not *magic*.

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