[ExI] LIGO detections that happened yesterday

John Clark johnkclark at gmail.com
Thu Aug 29 10:38:20 UTC 2019

Yesterday on August 28 2019 LIGO detected 2 Gravitational wave events just
21 minutes apart, the first at 6:34:05 UTC and the second at 6:55:09 UTC,
the events were at the same distance, 6.4 billion light years, and they
were in the same general part of the sky. The events were seen in all 3
detectors in Louisiana, Washington State and Italy. LIGO now releases the
raw data of what they've found almost instantly so optical astronomers can
look for something, so no detailed computer analysis has been done yet, but
the early speculation is this is the first gravitationally lensed
gravitational wave detection.

John K Clark
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