[ExI] How Corporate Media distorts Hawaiian Protests

Will Steinberg steinberg.will at gmail.com
Fri Aug 30 21:12:58 UTC 2019

Bill --

If the strong take advantage of the weak, what does it mean that these
protesters are able to throw a wrench into the telescope plans?  The strong
who want to build the scope should have no problem beating down the weak
protestors unless the former are pussies*, no?

I support the protestors.  And the telescope builders.  Is that so hard?
Just see what happens.  Or do something about it.

*Forgive the use of this word with a pejorative/diminutive to women origin,
but plenty of words have questionable origins (cf. stupid, idiot, &c) and
we use them.  Not that many on this list would care, even though they
probably should, but I figure why not make the qualification
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