[ExI] How Corporate Media distorts Hawaiian Protests

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>> > I support the scientists and not the protestors. I hope that clears up any confusion.
> I'm very glad to hear you say that! But I'm still confused, I still don't understand why you're more angry with me than the protestors. 

Let’s say you support a given cause. Let’s say there’s another person who supports that cause too. Let’s say, though you agree with her on supporting the cause, that she unfairly attacks those who don’t support the cause. Is it really hard to understand why you might criticize her — even if you both support that same cause?

Likewise, one might be against a cause someone else supports yet still see that the supporter of a cause is, while wrong (by your lights?) about the cause is still fair-minded, open to discussion, and doesn’t scold everyone who disagrees with her as if they’re supporting the worst evil to ever be conceived by the human mind.

I believe the above should be 101 level stuff in dealing with controversies and disagreements. Of course, some folks here seem to believe sneering louder, longer, and more frequently is the road to resolving all disagreements. You know, folks who believe the ends always justifies the means. ;)


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