[ExI] Warning: contains American politics; do not read!

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sat Aug 31 06:32:41 UTC 2019

Quoting Dylan Distasio:

> The DNC is not even going to let her into the next primary debate on a
> bogus technicality.   The war mongers control most of both parties.   She's
> also been consistently smeared as a Russian and Assad appeaser in the press
> they control.

Not to mention the LGBTQ+ community for not paying homage to their  
small but very vocal minority.

> I would consider voting for her despite disagreement on many of her
> positions but she doesn't have a prayer.

That is assuming there is any possibility of a fair election when the  
federal agency that enforces election law no longer has a quorum with  
which to continue to operate:


"The federal agency regulating campaign finance has been rendered  
powerless heading into the 2020 election cycle, with the resignation  
of another commissioner leaving it unable to punish violations of  
election law.

Matthew Petersen, a commissioner at the Federal Election Commission  
for 11 years, plans to leave his post on Aug. 31. There are normally  
six FEC commissioners, but Petersen’s departure will bring the already  
depleted board down to three. And because FEC regulations require four  
or more commissioners to vote on enforcement actions, new regulations  
and other matters brought before the body, it will function only on an  
administrative level without new appointees from President Donald  

This significantly increases the chances of John Clark's nightmare of  
having to choose between Trump-for-life or civil war coming to pass. I  
hope it doesn't come to this, but Tulsi is the only candidate that  
*could* fight a civil war if necessary. Especially since according to  
the "fake news" Trump keeps joking about serving more than two terms:


Our republic is in danger. Tulsi might be our best hope.

Stuart LaForge

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