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That would be easy to test: Do taller than average females have higher testosterone levels and shorter than average males have lower testosterone levels? I’m sure someone has done studies...

By the way, the relationship appears a bit more complicated:


Note the hypothesis at the end there: males have slower maturation to slow down their height increase to historically minimize maternal cost. (Why not parental cost — as humans _historically_ have both parents involved in childcare?)

See also:


Since generic and hormonal factors aren’t outside social influence and since food consumption also influences height, there’s also the issue that males tend to be better fed than females. Cf., e.g., 



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> Higher Testosterone -> Higher levels of growth hormone-> greater height in men.   I would also suspect that there is a natural selection in play for larger men who are able to impregnate more women.  There are other theories, but the above combination makes the most sense to me.
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>> Why are women shorter than men?  
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