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William Flynn Wallace foozler83 at gmail.com
Fri Dec 13 20:36:06 UTC 2019

I see in the sports section where an ice skater is accused of sending a
picture of his penis to an underage girl.

We have gotten to where we think that this can scar the girl for life and
the guy needs to go to prison.

Is this a bit nuts?  (p.i.).  What if the girl had been raised in a home
where the adults and children are nudists.? What would the girl say to the
email photo?  Maybe 'Yeah, that's one looks like all right.  So what's the
big deal?

Making love is obscene.  Photos of people having sex are so classified.  Is
this nuts?

Well, this is what you get when you have a repressive society that is hung
up on sex.  Why are they hung up?  because their parents were and so on
back to the jungle where wearing animal skins was mandatory.  Or to Eden if
you like that story.

Study after study shows that kids who get rational sex ed have fewer
problems  - lower pregnancy rates, lower sexual activity, greater use of
pregnancy preventatives if sex occurs, lower sex disease rates, lower
anxiety rates,and so on.  Yet we refuse in many states to have sex ed at
any level.  Some in biology but no showing of genitals, esp. erect ones.
Result - unbelievable sexual ignorance which I documented when I taught a
college course in human sexual behavior.

Now I realize that humans are not very rational, but facts are facts and if
people want fewer sex problems in society there are clear answers which,
apparently no one wants to implement.

side note on gender - the sad facts are that people who go for the full
operation to another sex are rarely happy with it.  They were
psychologically messed up (new trendy term) before and after.  They did not
need another sex. They needed therapy.  Which they got but did not work
well for them.  The operation created a new identity of sorts which placed
them in a group that has a lot more bias against them than the group there
were in before.  So, additional problems.  And some will change back and be
unhappy with that.

So what's next?  Choosing your race?  Your species?  bill w
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