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>> side note on gender - the sad facts are that people who go for the full operation to another sex are rarely happy with it.  They were psychologically messed up (new trendy term) before and after.  They did not need another sex. They needed therapy.  Which they got but did not work well for them.
> Personal anecdote - the few I know who went through the whole process seem quite happy with the result.  I know, anecdotes are not data; this only shows that the success rate is non-zero.

I’ve seen studies that show low dissatisfaction rates with gender affirmation surgery (also known as SRS). And, like you, the folks I know who’ve gone through it seem happy with the result.

This isn’t To say there are no folks who aren’t dissatisfied. But I think there’s a push by conservatives to push the view that almost everyone is dissatisfied with this surgery. In the same way, they push the narrative that most women who get abortions experience severe depression from that. (Studies seem to show the overwhelming majority of women do not.)

> That said, in all such cases, there was much psychological counseling as part of the process, apparently in part to screen out those for whom gender reassignment would not solve their problems, despite their belief that it would. 

There’s also a view floating around that somehow someone — usually someone preteen — might feel they're the wrong gender on Monday and they’ll be prescribed meds by Tuesday and prepped for surgery by Wednesday and have the surgery before the weekend, and then, of course, regret this once they’ve had a good talking to by their pastor if not sooner.


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