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> Less stigma would be great all around. In the trans community, too,
> there’s a problem because trans is often seen as a mental health issue
> because that’s how trans folks get access to treatments and assistance.
> This isn’t to say trans people never have mental health issues or that
> there might be misdiagnosis, but there is a problem with categorizing trans
> itself as pathological. (And the analogy with homosexuality is obvious:
> once it was categorized as pathology. We know where that went with
> persecuting gays and lesbians via coerced therapeutic interventions.)

Indeed.  One might consider asking people who wish to institutionalize all
transgender people, which of the following is more in need of psychiatric
assistance - indeed, of confinement away from society?

"My body is not as I perceive myself to be, so I wish to alter my body to
match my identity."


"People are saying the world isn't as I say it is, so i wish to coerce them
with force until they stop disagreeing with me.  Any evidence against my
point of view is obviously incorrect, simply because it disagrees with my
point of view.  No one has the right to question me about this."
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