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Keep in mind: plenty of moderns get some really exciting jobs.  Especially the singles spend more time at the office than at home, which explains why offices keep getting nicer and nicer, but homes don’t.


>…Indeed.  I suspect that is one of the reasons the particular example I've been using in this thread leapt out: she certainly has an exciting job (usually), but there are a few scenes contrasting her home life - both the life she had before moving to the city, and once there, her lonely times in her apartment - to what she experiences on duty - both in the office and on the street - as a police officer.



Nearby the Tesla factory provides a great example.  Musk brings in engineers from all over the world.  Because of the housing conditions, many or most are young singles, eager to master the cool technologies in that modern factory.  There is a really nice cafeteria there, a gym, showers, plenty of social life of sorts, lots and lots of excitement as that factory runs 24/7 cranking out as many of those expensive little pregnant roller skates as Musk can shove out the door.  So… plenty of those guys leave the office only long enough to go home, sleep and come back.  So how much do they need?  Not much.


We are seeing the rise of urban stealth campers: vehicles in which people are living but it isn’t at all clear by external view.  If the very cheapest studio apartment rent is a couple thousand a month and it is being way underutilized, why not camp out in your van?  Come to the office, clean up, go to the cafeteria, go to work, stay there until you get so tired you need to go sleep in the van again.  Move it around, you’re there and gone, no one is the wiser, save the difference.  


Almost no one is the wiser: an idle retired engineer realizes one of those nifty IR thermometers can determine if there is a sleeping prole inside that van.  An empty van assumes the same temperature as the surroundings.  One containing even a very still sleeping prole would be warmer, even if by a fraction of a degree.  Even a very well-designed stealth camper needs a vent somewhere if it is occupied.  


We could make a game of it: see if I can figure out a technology to detect life in that van vs their stealth tech.  Ground rule: no touch.  I can’t put a stethoscope on the side to detect snoring.  That would be too easy.  Anything else, fair game.


Note: I don’t mind if people are doing urban stealth camping.  I would do the same under those circumstances.  I don’t intend to discourage them in any way.  I do want to know, just to satisfy my curiosity, how common this is and how clever the urban stealthers have become.






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