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> Whether the poor deserve to live in poverty is a normative question, but
> whether genetics explains poverty is a question of fact and it's rather
> extensively answered in multiple peer-reviewed publications. The poor are
> less intelligent, less conscientious, more impulsive than the non-poor
> (middle class and the rich), and yes, these traits explain poverty.
> Rafal

Recent research showed, Lamarckian style, that trauma-related olfactory
memories are somehow transferred to the germ of mice and then to their
children. (https://www.nature.com/articles/nn.3594) The era of genetics as
ultimate determinant will be closing shortly.  Experience flows back into
the entire hereditary structure, whether it is through genes, body flora,
methylation, histone configuration, memes, &c.

Such genetic supremacy against the poor is dancing on the edge of a knife
and ends in genocide.

Genetic wounds will all be able to be healed soon anyway.

The question is,

Can the world handle 10 billion smart people?

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