[ExI] Why are women's clothing so much more flamboyant than men's?

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>> > Maybe it has something to do with the fact that common men will do absolutely everything to avoid appearing gay, in any way?
> But that just begs the question, why isn't flamboyance associated with hetrosexual masculinity in humans as it is in most other species? And why is the color pink particularly unmasculine?

Well, before 1900, pink wasn’t considered unmasculine or even feminine. See:


I see much of this thread seems to be generalizing from people’s lives now, especially in the US. (was And it also seems that many males here are middle aged and probably not dressing metrosexually. Even in your own lives, haven’t you seen men’s fashion shift and change? Yeah, the pink thing seems locked in place for now, but I’m guessing adult straight men wearing leggings wasn’t a thing when you wear in college, right?)


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