[ExI] Why are women's clothing so much more flamboyant than men's?

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>> But that just begs the question, why isn't flamboyance associated with hetrosexual masculinity in humans as it is in most other species? And why is the color pink particularly unmasculine?
>>  John K Clark
> I honestly think it’s 100% cultural. There are other cultures where men are still “dandy” and where men will wear pink.

That would be my guess too. One has only to look at fashion globally and historically to see that pink as an exclusively feminine color is not universal. In fact, as I pointed out in an earlier post, this is something that only came about around a century ago in the US.

By the way, any decent book on gender will point this particular example out. For instance, Cordelia Fine’s 2010 _Delusions of Gender_, a book I’ve recommended here before, brings this up.


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