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> The presidents 6 page letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi contained 6 
> errors of objective fact, 9 misleading statements, and 5 exaggerations.

And partridge in a pear tree

Merry Christmas!


Bill suppose we go along with the notion and even grudgingly admit we
understand what you really mean with the term "Christmas."  What does it
really mean to be "merry"?  How can we even know when we are being merry?
Perhaps the whole notion of merry is really just a state of mind, or an
illusion of consciousness.

Eh... well, retract, of course merry is a state of mind.  What I really want
to know is when we are being merry, do you mean more merry that our usual
state of merriness?  Or if we are persistently and inexplicably merry the
rest of the time, is there a practical known limit to merriness that one may
not exceed, kinda like the velocity c?  If we call that limit m, and the
usual merriness level is about 0.5m, are you suggesting we temporarily
adjust that to some higher value, say .6m?

At what level of m does one begin to resemble a drunken frat bro?

And if the level of m is adjustable by the user, why don't we just set it
higher always?

And if we set m higher, can we do so without being conscious of the fact
that it is really just artificial m?

The mind boggles.


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