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>>…"Pudding" is a generic English term for "dessert food".



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>…What?!  How are we to go on living when we cannot believe what we read on Facebook?


>…Are they trying to undermine the entire basis of reality?   bill w



BillW, it isn’t just the misinformation on the internet, but also the vast expanses of knowledge that the “Face Book” does not know.  Do let my offer the benefit of my years, me lad.


Let us take first this claim that pudding is some generic English term for dessert food.  Partially right is this, but in fact the usage was coined by Dickens who made sly references to it in his later, more respectable years.  


The “Face Book” does not know that Dickens got his start as a best-selling author with porno, describing an innovative but painful act which came to bear his name from the early titillating pulp-novels he published to make a living on his way to the top.  The “Face Book” is completely unaware of the shocking act it refers to when it says something “hurts like the Dickens.”  


Perhaps you yourself have used the term, never realizing the pain levels associated with the act of doing the Dickens, or misused the term referring to a different orifice hurting like the Dickens.  I myself have never attempted it, opting instead for the safer, more traditional means of gratification, one that does not require that whole “figgy pudding” business.


BillW, in the spirit of charity in this Newtonmas season, I am hoping to educate you younger generation with your “Face Book” and all its appalling lack of common knowledge of early Industrial Age English practices.  Often when I try to tell these things to the young, they don’t believe me.  I try.







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