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*> If it isn’t a physical property, then the best it could be is: “A
> miracle happens here”.*

In a way that's true. There are only 2 possibilities, a chain of "how did
that happen?" questions either goes on forever like a infinitely complex
matryoshka doll or the questions eventually terminate with a brute fact,
and it's meaningless to ask how a brute fact does what it does. If you want
to call that a miracle so be it. If you ask "how does consciousness work?"
I'll say by means of A, if you ask how does A work I'll say by means of B,
but I don't think this chain of questions goes on forever, I think
eventually you'll come to the end of the line at Z,  and Z is the brute
fact that consciousness is the way data feels when it is being processed in
intelligent ways. You may not like that answer but it's better than no
answer at all which is exactly what you'll get if the chain goes on forever.

And if you ask for definitions of "processed" or "intelligent" I will not
provide them, instead of generating more words I will give you something
much better, I will point to examples.

 John K Clark
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