[ExI] Chalmers

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Sun Dec 22 05:47:51 UTC 2019

Brent, your insistence that qualia are physical properties manifested  
by molecules is misguided. They are instead the abstraction of your  
sensations and are thus mental properties. But mental properties are  
physical too, just in an information theoretic sense rather than a  
chemical sense. Redness is the abstract ideal of all red things, just  
like the circle is an abstract ideal for all round things. Redness is,  
in effect, the average of all red things you have ever seen. Depending  
on lighting and shadow you can be fooled into perceiving color in the  
absence any object of that color.

Try it yourself:


Where does the greenness of the grass in the black and white photo come from?

Stuart LaForge

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