[ExI] Looking back at Heinlein's Future History - coming true before our eyes.

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> "*I began to sense faintly that secrecy is the keystone of all tyranny.
> Not force, but secrecy ... censorship." *

I think that is basically true because tyranny can not survive the truth
and over the long term a Free Press is self correcting and tends to move in
that general direction. That's why if I had my way I'd get rid of the
libel laws, all libel laws. But Trump wants to expand the libel laws to
include any criticism of the President but of course retaining the right of
a President to say Barack Obama was not born in the USA or that a US
Senator's father killed John Kennedy:

We're going to 'open up' libel laws

And Trump said members of Congress who didn't applaud during his State Of
The Union Speech were guilty of treason, the dictator of North Korea would
agree with him completely:

Trump calls not applauding his State of the Union “treason”

John K Clark
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