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I think it's only circular if there is only one example.  bill w

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> > *In other words, both (255, 0, 0) and "red" are not physically red.
>> You need to point to something and say: "THAT is red" to provide a physical
>> definition to those abstract terms. *
> If you're interested in subjectivity, or in gaining understanding of the
> most basic fundamental nature of anything, not just consciousness, you've
> got to forget about definitions because ultimately that always leads to
> circularity, instead you've got to use examples. You point to a ripe tomato
> and say "That is  (255, 0, 0), aka pure red". If I were to make a change in
> that convention so that now the color of a ripe tomato was (0, 0, 255) then
> your objective behavior would not change and subjectively you could not
> even tell that a change had been made. So if objectively the inversion is
> not important and subjectively it's nor important either then the inversion
> was just not important.
> John K Clark
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