[ExI] Looking back at Heinlein's Future History - coming true before our eyes.

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Thu Dec 26 23:21:55 UTC 2019

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> This is something I have often pondered.  I heard of Heinlein?s weirdness, but wrote it off, ignored it, noting that weirdness is very common among celebrities and artists.  I can only think of one real exception: the actor Jimmy Stewart: great actor, great person, love him.  The rest of them: crazy, to a man.  Weird.  Can?t relate.

I think most of you know that Heinlein was on the board of L5 Society
for a number of years.  In that capacity, I interacted with him
frequently.  I found him to be 100% reliable, much like the heroes in
his novels.  Once when there was a big kerfuffle on the board, he and
Harlan Smith, director of the McDonald Observatory. were the only
members who actually looked into the situation.  Heinlein certainly
impressed me.


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