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I am reminded of Rupert Murdoch: a few years ago he was asked what was
going to be the price of DVD units.  He said - free.  Because they want us
to buy/rent movies, I suppose.  Anyhow, I have this plasma,50" tv I was
keeping my eye on years ago. It was $4000.  I bought one when it was $600.
Now I can get a TV that's smart, better picture, (incredible is a better
word) for less than $500.  (a TCL - what? - who?) Ain't competition great?

My plasma I have tried to give away - no takers yet.

Better, newer, and cheaper - that the mantra of the electronics industry it
appears.  When will it ever end?

I dunno, just like I dunno when I will end, but I am hoping to see most of
the 20s.

bill w

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>> The second decade of the 21st century has been great.  I predict the
>> third will be even better.
> Concurred - in net.  There have been some serious downs as well, but in
> total outweighed by the number and quantity of the ups.
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