[ExI] Happy 2020, and welcome to the magic twenties

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Interesting note on that "every 30 years - though WWII delayed things".
>From what I've heard, the 1890s could qualify as well (especially around
the automobile), despite (or perhaps partially because of) economic turmoil
for about half its length.  In the US, the 1850s saw peak migration to the
American West; the Civil War right afterward was certainly enough to pause
the cycle for a decade.  The 1820s, as Wikipedia sums it, "saw the advent
of photography and rail transport" - major revolutions on their own.

Which would mean the 2020s may be magical if we can avoid a major war.
Given the current governments of most major powers around the world, that
is a big "if".

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> Happy 2020, and welcome to the magic twenties
> The 20-twenties could be a magic decade for space expansion, starting with
> the Moon. And then, forward to the stars!
> https://turingchurch.net/happy-2020-and-welcome-to-the-magic-twenties-bed4ae6cf105
> ?
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