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Alpha Zero has created a chess program they claim has taught itself chess from only the rules.  In one year it is now playing the reigning software champion Stockfish.  After 79 games, it is ahead by one point.




Most of the rounds are draws (as it is in top level human play.)


Stockfish won games 7 and 10


Leela won games 11 and 13 to tie the score.


Stockfish won 16


Leela won 17 to tie.


Stockfish won 20, 21 and 22.


Leela won 25, 27 and 29 to tie.


Buncha draws, then…


Leela won 49 to pull ahead.  Perhaps Stockfish was getting cocky.  She won 53 to pull 2 points ahead.


Stockfish won 58.


Leela won 63.


Stockfish won game 66, so he is one point behind her for the last 13 games, all drawn.  Stockfish is holding a slight advantage in their current 80th game, so he might tie the Superfinal today, unless he gets tired and makes mistakes.


Even with the advantage, the position is looking a bit drawish to my carbon-based eye, but I ain’t no computer.  There aren’t enough open files to say which software has the upper processor.




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