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On Wed, Feb 20, 2019 at 11:14 AM William Flynn Wallace <foozler83 at gmail.com>

*> DEmocrats are proposing Medicare For All programs that are certainly
> liberal, probably radical, possibly unwise (me - way too much money for
> most of these,*

Medicare For All wouldn't be too expensive if the USA didn't have the most
inefficient health system on planet Earth, it spends FAR more money on
health then anybody else but the people are quite simply not getting
their money's
worth. Japan has the longest lived population in the world and it spends on
average $4150 per person per year on health, Australia is #4 on the longest
lived list and it spends $4420; as for the USA it's way down to #31 on the
long lived list and yet it spends $9451 per-person per-year on healthcare
and that is far more than anybody else. Something is obviously wrong with a
health care system and it certainly isn't the Japanese.

 Every one of the top 30 countries that beat the USA in longevity have 2
things in common:

1) They all spend FAR less on healthcare than the USA does.
2) Unlike the USA they all have something very much like Medicare For All.

The data just doesn't support the claim made by the right that an advanced
industrial country in the 21'th century can't afford to give medical care
to its population.

John K Clark

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