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> *> DEmocrats are proposing Medicare For All programs that are certainly
>> liberal, probably radical, possibly unwise (me - way too much money for
>> most of these,*
> Medicare For All wouldn't be too expensive if the USA didn't have the most
> inefficient health system on planet Earth, it spends FAR more money on
> health then anybody else but the people are quite simply not getting their money's
> worth. Japan has the longest lived population in the world and it spends
> on average $4150 per person per year on health, Australia is #4 on the
> longest lived list and it spends $4420; as for the USA it's way down to
> #31 on the long lived list and yet it spends $9451 per-person per-year on
> healthcare and that is far more than anybody else. Something is obviously
> wrong with a health care system and it certainly isn't the Japanese.
>  Every one of the top 30 countries that beat the USA in longevity have 2
> things in common:
> 1) They all spend FAR less on healthcare than the USA does.
> 2) Unlike the USA they all have something very much like Medicare For All.
> The data just doesn't support the claim made by the right that an advanced
> industrial country in the 21'th century can't afford to give medical care
> to its population.

It’s even more striking given that for other goods and services, the US is
significantly cheaper than most comparable countries.

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