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> * >It isn't clear that there is a direct comparison.  In Europe, a student
> can get a bachelors degree in medicine. In the US, a student must have a
> bachelor's degree, usually in a scientific field, just to apply for medical
> school.  The US medical schools take only the top qualified candidates of
> those who already hold a bachelor's degree.*

I don't think anyone who didn't very much want to be convinced would find
that argument convincing. Take a look what it takes to become a doctor in

How to get a medical degree in Germany

That works out to about a decade of study and then you have to pass a
nationwide examination. And it's not just every country in Europe, people
in Japan, Australia, Singapore, South Korea, Canada,  New Zealand and even
Costa Rica also live longer than those in the USA and they all pay
*dramatically* less for health care. If one if looking at the situation
with a disinterested logical eye there is just no explaining away the
obvious fact that the USA has the most inefficient health care system in
the world, I mean... I value libertarian ideology but I value the
scientific method even more and facts are facts.

John K Clark

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