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> > It’s even more striking given that for other goods and services, the US
> is significantly cheaper than most comparable countries...
> It isn't clear that there is a direct comparison.  In Europe, a student
> can get a bachelors degree in medicine.  In the US, a student must have a
> bachelor's degree, usually in a scientific field, just to apply for medical
> school.  The US medical schools take only the top qualified candidates of
> those who already hold a bachelor's degree.
> Where is that comparison taken into account?
> We should compare European countries with other European countries, and
> compare the US to other countries which also require bachelors degrees for
> medical school admissions.

In Australia the bachelor’s degree in Medicine comprises three years in
preclinical studies and three years in clinical studies, followed by a year
as an intern, so seven years to qualify as a doctor before you can
undertake specialist studies. The undergraduate degree is extremely
competitive, and only the students with the best secondary school scores
get in. Some universities have recently changed to the US system, with a
four year postgraduate degree requiring an undergraduate degree as a
prerequisite.  The content of the postgraduate course is about the same as
the content of the clinical part of the old undergraduate course. There is
no difference in registration, employment, perception or salary between
graduates of the two types of course.
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