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Mon Feb 25 18:04:41 UTC 2019

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> >…I think the signs of political instability are far clearer in the USA
>> than in Denmark.  John K Clark
> *>But most of those signs are fake. *

A third of Americans still think Trump is a pretty good leader, and such a
sign of irrationality is not fake and is a sign of instability.

> * >Desperate caravans are struggling to get from socialist countries into
> a capitalist country. *

The people of Venezuela are struggling to get away from a country that is:

1) Socialistic
2) Totalitarian
3) Corrupt
4) Lawless
5) So ineptly run that the people are starting to starve to death

Denmark has only one of those 5 characteristics and I do not believe that
is the one the people are running away from, it's certainly not because
they think healthcare in Venezuela was too good.

John K Clark

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