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> >>…Desperate caravans are struggling to get from socialist countries into a capitalist country. 
> >…Spike, if you’re talking about the caravans from Central America, they’re not fleeing socialism as such, but violence and repression. For instance, post-election violence in Honduras led to people fleeing there... And guess what major world power meddled in Honduran politics? (Not that that’s “irregular”: US meddling in Latin America is the norm, sadly.)  Dan
> If so, why do they not wish to stay in Mexico?

Haven’t you been following the news? The Mexican government won’t allow them to stay. In fact, the Mexican government has tried to stop them from entering Mexico and has a cumbersome process for refugee status — most likely to prevent any refugees from entering and staying in Mexico.

My guess is if the Mexican would allow them to stay, many if not all would stay there — predicated that they aren’t persecuted in Mexico.

And what’s wrong with them coming to the US?


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