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On Feb 25, 2019, at 1:55 PM, Henrik Ohrstrom <henrik.ohrstrom at gmail.com> wrote:
> Sweden has received even more refugees than Denmark. Hence some "all is wrong " statements from the US lately.
> I see a bunch of high performers with skills and ambition that infuse the nation with new blood, otherwise nativity in Sweden is way down like the US, Italy, japan et al.
> Problems are as always caused by criminals, some, (but no more than proportional to social status, income, education etc ) are immigrants or children to immigrants. Terrorists or wannabees, as always get way more attention than they deserve. 
> We could probably ingest even more immigrants without that much more problems. our criminal shootings are caused by criminals not by immigrants. Most criminals are born in Sweden and a stop for refugees/immigrants would not change much there.   

Much the same here in the US: natives (I mean people born here who are citizens) having the highest rates of crime. Legal immigrants have lower rates. And illegal immigrants have the lowest rates. (The last kind of makes sense since the last thing an undocumented person would want to do is call attention to their status, especially by the police or courts.)

Also, there have been several studies showing increased migration rates lead to higher levels of growth. See https://pubs.aeaweb.org/doi/pdfplus/10.1257/jep.25.3.83 and works cited therein. N.B.: Clemens believes this might double global GDP. (Sure we can argue that AI and the Singularity will make that look minuscule, but this doubling happens without any need for radical technological change. Why not at least give moral support to this — even if one’s main focus is on radical technological change?)


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