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> >…If so, why do they not wish to stay in Mexico?
> >…Haven’t you been following the news? The Mexican government won’t allow them to stay…
> Is this story not true?
> https://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/migrant-caravan-members-reject-offer-stay-mexico-n925171

My bad. Initially, they were rejected at Mexico’s southern border and harassed along the way. Then the offer was made late last year.

And the story is true in so far as an offer has publicly been made and rejected by many, but you have to ask yourself why they would reject such an offer. Most applications for asylum (in Mexico) are turned down and then the applicant is likely to be returned to the place they were fleeing from in the first place. Accepting the offer would likely mean deportation back to Central America. Add to this, Mexico is not exactly a safe haven in the first place — regardless of the Mexican government offer.

> >…And what’s wrong with them coming to the US?  Regards, Dan
> They haven’t been granted refugee status in the US.  They have in Mexico.

See above. Let me put this another way: What is _morally_ wrong with them coming to the US? 


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