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>…Let me put the question another way: Do you have any moral issues with peaceful people  peacefully crossing national borders?Regards, Dan


None at all Dan.  Those are the kind we want, because our own people are not that way.  The peaceful non-criminals would help dilute our non-peaceful criminals.

The problem is we have no way to verify their non-peaceful criminals aren’t getting mixed in there somehow somewhere along the route, disguising themselves as peaceful non-criminals.

There is something I am watching however.  We are getting to the point were universal face recognition and other automated biometric recognition systems are becoming practical.  There are new ones coming, ones that would work even if a bad guy had her face masked.  We know nature invented such systems, for your dog knows who you are with one sniff.  It doesn’t matter if you have been out working in the hot sun all day and smell like sweat and manure, you come in when it is completely dark and say nothing to him, your dog takes one sniff and knows whether to leap about for joy or tear your damn leg off.  They never miss (ya gotta love dogs (such marvelous beasts they are.))

So if dogs can do it, we can do it.  We could figure out the identity of a bad guy from her smell, from her gait, her dimensions, her voice, all in combination.  Bad guy pulls off a crime, we already know who it is before she even gets in her car to flee, where she lives, everything, constables waiting when she gets home.

With all that in place, we can accept the world’s bad guys, if they still really want to come here.







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