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>…That wasn't my point.  I'm all for charity, and I'm all for everyone having a better idea to do with their money than the feds to.  


>…Buffet is happy to expound on how all of the people earning income above a certain level should be paying even more in income taxes talking out one side of his mouth, while simultaneously ensuring he himself pays as little tax as possible.  I have zero issue with him legally avoiding as much tax as possible.  If he was so concerned that he's not paying his fair share of taxes as he states in the puff pieces around this pressing need to further tax high income earners, he is more than welcome to write the IRS a large check voluntarily.  His comments are a bait and switch…







Oh ja, I agree.


Warren Buffett and plenty of the other biggies are all for taxes that they will not need to pay.




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