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The situation in the 50s was a lot more complicated than what the Berners
use as talking points in terms of effective tax rates:


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> > *If this government or any government makes arrangements for a 70%
>> progressive tax bracket that is enveloping more and more people, most
>> capital investments no longer make sense. *
> A theory must fit the facts and that one doesn't. During World War 2 the
> top tax bracket in the USA was 94%, and during all 8 years of the
> Eisenhower administration it was 91%; and both periods were times of very
> strong economic expansion. Today the top bracket is 37% (reduced by Trump
> from 39.6%) and the wealth gap between rich and poor is enormous,
> growing, and accelerating. And the gap between the rich and the super
> rich is accelerating at an even greater rate. And the gap between the
> super rich and the super ultra crazy rich is accelerating most of all. We
> seem to be headed toward a Economic Big Rip which will be just about as
> conducive to life as the cosmic Big Rip will be.
>  John K Clark
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