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Norway ranks 7th worldwide in average IQ, so they don't have as many low IQ
people to drag the economy down.  I'll bet that there are some countries
where the difference between the arithmetic average and the median is
significant.  For example, I would strongly suspect that the curve in many
African countries is positively skewed.

Some surprises, like Israel.

I do wonder what it would look like if we overlaid a chart of the average
level of education - high correlation, I presume.

bill w

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> wrote:
> > *The situation in the 50s was a lot more complicated than what the
>> Berners use as talking points in terms of effective tax rates:*
>> https://taxfoundation.org/taxes-rich-1950-not-high/
> I grant you that in the 50s there were even more tax doges than there are
> now but let's look at Norway. Today with not just income taxes but value
> added taxes 54.8% of Norway's GDP goes to taxes verses only 26% for the USA;
> Government revenue as a percent of GDP
> <https://data.oecd.org/gga/general-government-revenue.htm#indicator-chart>
> And yet Norwegians are nearly twice as rich as Americans, the Gross
> National Income per person in Norway is $103,630 but in the USA it's only
> $55,200. Norwegians live longer and are much richer than Americans despite
> (or perhaps because of) being taxed higher.
> Gross National income per person
> <https://www.worldatlas.com/articles/the-highest-incomes-in-the-world.html>
> And it's not just Norway, similar situations exist in Denmark Sweden
> Luxembourg and Australia.
>  John K Clark
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