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On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 4:10 PM Dylan Distasio <interzone at gmail.com> wrote:

>   > *I'm not interested in equality of outcome at the expense of all
> else. *

I never said outcomes have to be equal but don't you think it might lead to
a more peaceful civilization if the wealth gap were to stop growing or at
least stop accelerating?

> *Actual equality of outcome is not possible due to human nature in any
> case. *

With improvements in technology and AI in particular human nature will have
less and less to do with it. Whatever you do for a living it's only a
matter of time before a machine can do it better than you can, and when
that day arrives I have a hunch strict libertarian economic ideas will look
less appealing to you than they do now.

> *I know you find it hard to believe how some supposed libertarians
> support some of the name which will not be spoken's policies,*

Yes I find that quite bewildering! From the day He Who Shall Not Be Named
announced his candidacy I've been begging my Libertarian friends to explain
it to me but without success.

> *but I am equally perplexed how someone who was supposedly libertarian is
> willingly lobbying for forced wealth redistribution at the hands of a
> government entity.*

After the Libertarian Party's disgraceful performance in 2016 I hesitate to
call myself a libertarian anymore, and certainly not with a capital L.  My
views on social issues haven't changed much but they have on money matters
because the evidence is clear that strict conformance to libertarian
ideology on economic issues will lead to civilization ending disasters.
It's just unrealistic to expect that the wealth gap can continue to
accelerate like this indefinitely without billions of people becoming
murderously enraged.

I have a strong emotional attachment to libertarianism but for me the
scientific method outranks it, I asked before if the same was true for you
but received no answer.

John K Clark

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