[ExI] The unlimited size of qubits.

Stuart LaForge avant at sollegro.com
Tue Jan 1 15:26:59 UTC 2019

So how big can a single qubit get? Well tests of Bell's inequality
indicate that particles can maintain their entanglement at any distance.
Furthermore a spin measurements of either particle yields a single bit of
information that encompasses the spins of both particles at once. This
means that this entangled system of two +/- 1/2 spin particles can even be
space-like separated and still encode but a single bit of information.
This means that information is non-local and a single bit can span the
universe(s) or, alternatively, fit in a micro SD card.

So quantum information in the form of a single qubit spread across
space-time is the essence of what Einstein called spooky action at a
distance. So is that information delocalized by some kind of quantum-sized
wormhole? Or is it just a global hidden-variable in a Matrix-like

Stuart LaForge

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