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> *> I have been invited to give Ted talk, and I might take them up on it. *

Wow that's great Spike, congratulations

> > *My notion is to talk about our local public school’s embracing highly
> diversified curriculum: what if we do and what if we do not?*

I don't want to sound like a old fashioned fuddy duddy but I think there is
something to be said for emphasising the 3 R's in grade school, you've got
to learn how to learn and you can't do that if you can't read. By High
School you should know how to read and so can start to study other things,
but 70% never take a physics course and things don't improve much in
college. This video was made of Harvard students at their graduation
ceremony, I'm sure they could tell you a lot about the Canterbury Tales or
18th century Napoleonic battle tactics but they gave the WRONG explanation
why seasons exist, something about reality that directly affects every
human on the planet and has been well understood for centuries. And
remember this is Harvard!

Harvard Graduates Can't Explain Seasons

Also 27% of the general population of the USA and 17% of college graduates
think the sun goes around the Earth.   41% of college graduates think atoms
are smaller than electrons and 48% think Lasers work by focusing sound

Science Questions That Stumped College Grads

> > *Help me Exi-wan Kenobi!*

May the Force be with you!

 John K Clark
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