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>…Hello, I dont think I've been on the extropian mailinglist since 2000…



Hi Chris!  Welcome back, me lad!  Ja I remember you.  Been a long time.



>… I go back into the archives and I'm startled to see a highschool version of me predicting things that have now occurred. I was quite amused to see I actually built some of the things I speculated about regarding virtual reality and augmented reality. Anyone else out there still from back in the day or has everyone moved on?



Nah we all moved on man.  Nobody left here no more.  {8^D


Gotta tell ya, it isn’t like it was in 2000.  So many of our big dreams came to pass, it became harder to dream big.


Tell us what has happened to Chris in the past two decades.  Married?  Children?  Degrees?  Inventions?





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