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>…If we go with this notion of optimal breeding distance, we can imagine how it would work with body-fat ratios, but even easier is to think about dentition.  My dentist friend was also an orthodontist.  I asked him once why it is that so many of us Euro-mutts seem to need braces.  …

Rafal you really have my wheels spinning.  More ideas tomorrow perhaps.








Hmmm, optimal breeding distance and dentition, interesting.  In any discussion of evolutionary pressures on an human population, it is critical to consider the impact of mate selection, since mate selection is such a strong component in humans, and appearance is such a strong component of mate selection.


In the area of appearance, there are two critical factors (among others, two really biggies): how a potential mate carries body fat and the shape of the face.  (Ja?)  Dentition is one which easy to study because we have access to so much data.  Societal pressures cause humans to mess with their own natural body-fat configuration, obscuring data.  With dentition, we can get to data on which populations need what kinds of orthodontia.  


Rafal, you are a doctor, so I assume you are in charge of training young medics, or you are friends with those who are in charge of that.  The young medics need a research project at some point (ja?) so you could steer them toward studying mating distance as a function of orthodontic needs.


I have a notion of how to estimate mating distance of a person’s family tree using AncestryDNA.



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