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If I may offer a possible modification of John’s notion, a white raven?  It would allude to Poe’s raven whose comment nevermore has a delightfully ambiguous meaning.


On the other hand, that would give away the usual bad-news connotation as found in Crosby, Stills & Nash (assuming you are old enough) collaboration with Jackson Browne, to produce Crow on the Cradle, where the crow foretells bad futures ahead.  


In the old days of my misspent youth, there was a legendary caladrius bird, which was said to perch on the foot of the sick bed.  If the caladrius faced the patient, he would survive.  If it faced away, the hapless prole would perish.  However… the caladrius is white.  Ravens and crows are always black.


OK, I have the answer: we figure out a way to genetically modify a raven so that it is white, sell them as novelty pets, make a buttload.




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> What term could we use for the opposite of a black swan event?

I don't know, white crow event maybe? Nanotechnology and Cold Fusion aren't the only things that could produce one. … John K Clark




White crow event, I like it.  Extropians are, in a sense, the white crow society.




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